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Which Course Is Better – X-Ray Technology or Dialysis Technology?

If you have decided to opt for a skill-based career in the medical sector, a major confusion that many students face is the choice between X-ray technology and dialysis technology. To make a conclusive decision it is wise to analyze and compare the courses based on factors such as scope, syllabus and opportunities. You can then decide based on your inclination.

While both these courses have a wide scope to fetch you a job in the medical field, they differ based on the course content. In this article, we have tried to provide a brief of each course to enable a better understanding of what is in store if you opt for them.

Below is a comprehensive idea of the Diploma in dialysis technology course:

Training areas:

  • Counselling of patients for dialysis by detail recording, explaining the procedure and offering physical care.
  • Checking the machines and equipment for safety and other settings such and temperature and pressure.
  • Analyzing and staying vigil regarding patient response and recovery and altering fluids likewise.

Final outcome:

  • Students are trained to become skilled technicians to handle dialysis, haemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis.
  • Training is provided to handle both Fresenius and B Braun Dialysis machines.
  • The focus is also given on preparation of fluids for dialysis and Washing and store of dialyzers to use them again
  • As a diploma holder, you will be able to set up the machines for dialysis, read formula for dialysate and mix it, prepare the machine with dialyzer primed with saline.

Anyone who has passed 12th and is minimum 20 years of age can take up this course and work successfully as a dialysis technician to work at multispecialty hospitals, dialysis centres or under home settings.

Below is a comprehensive idea of the X-ray technician course:

Training areas:

  • Guiding patients and helping them for X-Rays
  • Safety guidelines for X-ray machines
  • X-ray machine operation
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Evaluation of X-ray films and reporting
  • Maintaining records of X-ray films and cassettes

Final outcome:

  • Students are trained to work in radiology departments and clinics.
  • Students work as radiology technicians
  • Diploma in x-ray technology syllabus includes human physiology and understanding of anatomy.
  • Students are trained to be competent to handle X-ray equipment, work with the films using computerized equipment as well as wet development type.
  • CT scans, MRIs and ultrasounds are also part of the curriculum.

To be an Xray technician, eligibility criteria of minimum 12th standard with science, as well as a minimum age of 20 years, apply. The 2 years course equips students to work in X-ray laboratories, radiology departments, nursing homes, diagnostic clinics etc.

You can easily take up dialysis technician or X-ray technician course in Delhi and get ready for a lucrative career. We hope it is now easy to make a choice based on your interest.

Source by Ranjeet Singh