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The Truth About Chiropractic Care

The word ‘chiropractic’ is derived from a Greek word which means ”treatment by hands” and the name itself explains what chiropractic is. Chiropractic is a therapy that manipulates the body with hand for healing. Chiropractic focuses on disorder of musculoskeletal system and the nervous system and the effects of these disorders on general health. Chiropractic therapy is performed to treat many problems like back pain, arm and leg’s joint pain, neck pain and some types of headaches. Chiropractic can be specialized in; neurology, orthopedics, sports medicine, rehabilitation, nutrition, diagnostic imaging, occupational and industrial health, internal disorders, pediatrics, forensic sciences.

There is a philosophy of chiropractic is based on the following points

a) All bodily functions are linked with each other and healing process involves the whole body.

b) A healthy nervous system especially spine is the key to healthy body, our whole body is dependent on the spinal cord for different movements like walking and bending which are voluntary movements. Spinal cord is also involved in involuntary movements such as breathing. If the body systems are balanced, it is called ‘homeostasis’ and disorder of bones, nervous system and muscles can disturb the homeostasis which can enhance the risk of diseases and health problems.

c) When the body system is in harmony, it has the perfect ability to maintain health.

Chiropractic is treated by chiropractors or chiropractic physicians. Chiropractic is a drug free practice and chiropractors use their hands to examine, diagnose and treatment. Chiropractors are trained to recommend therapeutic and rehabilitative exercises and they can also provide nutritional, dietary and lifestyle counseling. Chiropractic is a treatment that deals people of all ages from infant to old aged people as they believe in conservative hands – on approach to treating these disorders.

The most commonly used treatment in chiropractic is spinal manipulation as the spinal cord carries information throughout the body and it is responsible for all bodily movements, but some chiropractors also use other therapies to treat their patients for example therapeutic exercise; chiropractors recommend some exercises to their patients to strengthen their body. These exercises can reduce pain, prevent muscle deterioration, increase stability and range of motion and protect against new injuries. Therapeutic stretches; therapeutic stretches prevents scar tissues from forming. When the injury is healed, keeping a regular stretching program helps keep tissues flexible, increases mobility and protects against new injuries. Traction; in this treatment, the traction devices are applied to distract areas of the spine. Soft tissue manual therapy; in this treatment chiropractors use variety of hands – on soft tissue therapies that improves the function of the soft tissues. This therapy includes pin and stretch. Physical therapy modalities; in this therapy light electrical pulses are used which are transmitted to the specific areas of body by placing electrodes on the skin.

Source by Owais Siddiqui