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Family Of Ailing Kidney Failure Lady Appeals For N8m Life-Line

Every man, every woman on the surface of this earth, has his or her soft spot, not matter how bold, daring and courageous they are.

Indeed, this is a passionate call for you to show your milk of human kindness in you. It is not lost, it is not forgotten, for in actual fact, nothing is really lost on this earth plane.

Remember, the good, the help and the kindness we do to others, have ways of returning back to us in a thousand fold.

Truth is that the bad we also do to others will eventually come back to us, either in this present life, or the next.

Bakare Kehinde Ewumi Odunoye, 49, is an indigene of Ota, in Ogun State. South-west Nigeria.

But, she is presently down with kidney failure and she needs about N8million to go for a kidney transplant operation abroad, in order to stay alive.

This site does not allow pictures. I could have posted her pictures for the world to see.

Her elder sister told this writer on phone, Monday that when her husband, Bakare, discovered December last year, that the wife was increasing becoming weak and haggard-looking, complaining of all sorts of ailments, he complained to her elder sister.

Her words: “A decision was reached to take her to the General Hospital in Ikeja, Lagos, on January 4, 2020, where series of medical examinations conducted on her revealed by the doctors, revealed she had kidney failure and needed to carry out kidney transplant abroad”.

According to the sister, “initially when she was taken to the hospital, the husband, family members, relations and well wishers contributed N51, 000 per day, three times per week for her dialysis”.

On Monday, January 27, 2020, her sister told this writer that her sibling, who was not admitted to the hospital, but attends the hospital three times a week, pays N41,000, per day, each time she comes to the hospital.

Calculation shows that N41, 000 times three days a week translates to N123, 000 a week and N492, 000 per month.

Having exhausted their money, the family of the ailing lady is therefore appealing passionately to public spirited individuals, groups, companies and government agencies to come to the aid of Bakare Kehinde, as she was told by the doctors that she needs N8million s to travel abroad for a kidney transplant.

Here are the personal details of the ailing lady.


Bank: Guaranty Trust Bank

Account No: 0558885507

Tel No: 08104372280


Elder sister’s Tel No;


Source by Emmanuel Udom