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Tubal Surgery For Infertility Caused by Tubal Blockage

How can tubal surgery help you with your infertility problems? You might ask this if you don’t realize that the leading cause of infertility is tubal blockage brought on by pelvic inflammatory disease. And tubal blockage can be removed through tubal surgery.

It might shock you to learn all this. After all, you didn’t go in to have your tubes tied. You just can’t get pregnant. So how could your tubes possibly be blocked?

Well, that’s the unfortunate reality for over 100,000 women a year. Pelvic inflammatory disease does not necessarily cause symptoms that would be of great concern unless you have a rather severe case. You and your doctor could possibly be ignoring the signs that you have this infection. Not only is that possibly bad for your future children, the really bad news is you could have recurring cases of the bacteria getting into your fallopian tubes.

Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) is easily overcome with proper care including antibiotics. The unfortunate result of PID, however, can be tubal blockage caused by scarring or other problems. This scarring cannot be overcome by antibiotics. The end result is you are infertile or you can only have ectopic pregnancies because the egg gets “stuck” before getting to the uterus or the sperm cannot reach the egg at all.

This is where tubal surgery comes in. Tubal surgery, when done by qualified reproductive endocrinologists with the right training and experience, can remove the tubal blockage. This allows you a chance to become pregnant by removing the damaged parts of your fallopian tubes.

Now, you might wonder, if you have gone so far as seeing a fertility specialist about your infertility problems, why he suggests IVF over a tubal surgery. The simple reason is that most reproductive endocrinologists are not being trained in the surgical procedure today. You will have a very special one indeed if he or she even saw such a surgery during their training rotations. It doesn’t hurt that overall IVF is more expensive than tubal surgery. Think about what that means to what type of procedure they would rather do.

If your problems have indeed been caused by tubal blockage as a result of some type of reproductive system disease, check out having a tubal surgery to correct the results of that disease once you are cured. Remember, a tubal surgery is a one time procedure where you can try and try again to get pregnant rather than having to pay each time you want a child.

Source by Sandra Wilson