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Heart Disease – Our Modern Plague Resolved

In the last hundred years, our society has had to endure an ever-increasing plague affecting the lives of millions. Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) in the form of ‘Occlusive Cardiovascular Disease’, which is also known as ‘Atherosclerosis’ or ‘plaquing’ of the arteries is affecting younger and younger people with each passing generation. The disorder leads to the majority of our heart attacks, strokes and the spiraling costs of healthcare. It remains today as the leading cause of death by disease in the developed world.

Medical treatment of choice continues to be cholesterol-lowering drugs (statin drugs). Add to this the prescriptions for chest pains, high blood pressure, blood thinners, calcium beta-blockers, triglyceride etc. and you have a toxic cocktail mix taken by millions of people with only a poor prognosis to show for their efforts.

What can we do?

A world-renowned biochemist Linus Pauling PhD (1901-1994), two-time unshared Nobel Prize Laureate, and recipient of more than 40 honorary degrees is regarded by many of his peers as one of the world’s greatest scientific minds of the 20th century. In his last interview with the British journal of the Institute of Optimum Nutrition he spoke these prophetic words:

“I think I know what the answer is… we can get almost COMPLETE CONTROL of cardiovascular disease, heart attacks and strokes by the proper use of this therapy …even cure it.” — Linus Pauling (1992)

The “therapy” he spoke about was formulated after decades of scientific and clinical research and introduced following issues of his patents (1990 and 1991) for the reversal of ‘Occlusive Cardiovascular Disease’. Add this to his 1989 ‘Unified Theory” of heart disease and we have an effective way of eliminating the majority of suffering caused by this major scourge of our times.

Medicine’s silence is deafening!

Mainstream medicine and big Pharma continue to remain silent as to Pauling’s discovery and one might be inclined to believe that their focus on profits might be the motives for their suppression of his research. Heart disease is big business.

How does Pauling’s formula work? It’s rather quite simple. It starts with the scientific facts that CVD is predominantly a Vitamin C deficiency disease. Also lacking is, a couple of key amino acids L-lysine and L-proline. Add to that a few supportive A, B, & E vitamins, minerals like magnesium and selenium, a little CoQ10 and plenty of Omega 3 oils, and there you have it. A formula which when taken therapeutically, can stop, reverse and help the body heal the majority of CVD cases.

Following up on 1985 Nobel Laureates Brown and Goldstein’s scientific work of the early 1980’s, Pauling re-confirmed that all plaque in the arteries is laid down as temporarily repair material for damaged or injured blood vessels. This sticky cholesterol plaque, which the body uses to seal up the cracks and fissures, is a “special” kind of cholesterol made in our livers and not the cholesterol we ingest from fatty foods. LP(a) cholesterol plaque is manufactured as a necessary emergency ‘secondary response tissue’ to deal with the damaged blood vessels. This happens only when the body is malnourished.

The ‘primary’ healing tissue for blood vessels is “collagen”. Collagen needs high levels of Vitamin C and amino acids such as lysine, proline, to be properly and adequately synthesized. Also, L-lysine and L-proline act as LP(a) binding inhibitors.

So there is hope for the majority of those who suffer with this chronic degenerative disease. The results of using the Pauling protocol are predictable and measurable.

Start by getting a full blood profile for heart risk factors. Once you have your ‘numbers’, start taking a well formulated ‘Pauling formula’ product (Cardioflex Q10) up to three times a day with juice or water. (Water only if you are diabetic) You will start to notice a difference in your wellbeing within only a few days to a few weeks.

Note: Check regularly with your doctor as to the continued need for your prescription drugs. Within 6 to 18 months, the majority of patients should be off most of their heart drugs and will have reduced by up to 80-90% all of their CVD risk factors identified in the blood tests.

Adopting a healthier diet and a regular exercise routine accelerates the process and puts you on a fast tract to a lifetime free of heart disease.

You no longer have to be a casualty of the CVD plague.

Dr. Gerry Bohemier DC

Source by Gerald Bohemier DC